Welcome to Sarah Stabler Hypnosis!  Congratulations on your exciting decision to grow and expand yourself with a hypnosis/coaching program.   Please read and sign this agreement prior to completing the remaining forms.

At Sarah Stabler Hypnosis, we do our very best to ensure that we provide the highest quality hypnosis & coaching services available. We do this by constantly improving my techniques and keeping up with the latest developments in the field of hypnosis & coaching.


Sarah’s approach addresses specific or general personal transformations.  This is a collaborative/cooperative process that amplifies and accelerates self-discovery, promotes insight and clarity, creative choice, and helps clients achieve and often exceed their own desired targets more quickly and efficiently than they would without assistance.  Our partnership should not be confused or used as a substitute for medical, psychological, or nutritional counseling from a licensed medical professional. Clients always have the ability to exercise their right to choose for themselves. Empowerment, after all, only comes via responsibility. 


Hypnosis is a very powerful process that has helped thousands of Americans to make meaningful & desirable changes to their lives.  However, hypnosis is not mind control. For example, no one, not even the very best hypnotherapist, could make you lose weight, or stop smoking if you really don’t want to. Nor could she accurately predict how many sessions it will take.

Most clients (but not everyone) begin to experience the benefits from the very first session and most people are done in five to seven sessions for a single issue *Some clients may want more sessions to work on additional issues. Ultimately, you are responsible for the changes that occur as a result of the hypnosis or coaching sessions. 


This is both “good” and “bad”.  It is “good” because, after you have made the changes that you want using hypnosis or coaching, you deserve a great deal of credit, and this knowledge helps you to make more changes in your life.  But, on the other hand, it is bad because we cannot guarantee that the changes will come about.  In fact, this is true in any situation where a professional is trying to help you.  There is always a human factor.  Doctors don’t guarantee that you will get well.  Teachers can’t guarantee that you will learn, and lawyers can’t guarantee that you will “win” your case.  What we can guarantee, here at Sarah Stabler Hypnosis, is the very best service, using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation.

Appointment Policy:  48 hours advance notice is required to change or cancel an appointment.  Clients who make last-minute changes to their appointments will be charged for the scheduled time as we see a limited number of clients per week and we will be unable to utilize that time to schedule another client upon such short notice.

Refund Policy: Refunds may be requested within 24 hours of purchase, however, no refunds will be issued for services rendered. 

Confidentiality: We respect your confidentiality at all times; no information will be communicated directly or indirectly to a third party without the client’s informed and written permission.  Sarah does use client stories for educational purposes; however, your privacy & identity will always be respected and protected.  Sarah shares these experiences in a way that does not use language to point to or identify you specifically.  Testimonials and celebrations are supplied of your own free will with the full consent to be shared and displayed on social media, web pages, and other marketing materials (including your likeness).

Client Care & Support Information:


I do my very best to handle all questions and concerns within a timely manner, however, please allow 24-48 business hours for a response.

For urgent or sensitive matters that require a person-to-person human conversation please call or message me at 716-616-0236.