Freedom can be yours!

It's time to break free from your inner resistance,  locate & release suppressed emotions, heal from the inside out. Your time is now.

You deserve to feel worthy & successful.

Does this sound like you?

Do you desire to be calm, confident, and self-assured but struggle with self-doubt & emotional burnout that negatively impacts your job, relationships, health, or quality of life? 


I know exactly how that feels.  It's utterly exhausting.  I can assure you that...

  • If you want to create more confidence and take action to go for your dreams...

  • If you want to learn how to create better habits that add to your wellbeing...

  • And especially if you long to create a deeper sense of self-worth & self-respect...

....then you have arrived at the perfect place!  

I can help you break free from old outdated programming that's no longer adding value to your life so you can create unshakeable confidence that inspires.  You'll experience more joy, build better relationships, and give your body the space to heal itself!

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Hi, I'm Sarah

At some point, the direction of our lives starts to feel unacceptable and unbearable.  It's almost as if we wake up one morning, look around, and have a blinding realization that we're settling for less than we deserve.  Life simply isn't as we imagined. We wanted so much more for ourselves and our families. I get it, change of this nature can feel like an insurmountable challenge.  I've been on my own journey of self-discovery & healing. It's totally worth it. The gratitude in my heart for what I learned along the way has inspired me to spend the last decade teaching & empowering others how to create their own amazing results, changing the trajectory of their lives.  This isn't just my passion, it's my calling, and I'd be honored to be your guide.  

I understand where you are...

After spending many years feeling unhappy, unhealthy, and unsuccessful, I decided the direction my life was taking was unacceptable.  I was tired of settling and I wanted more.

Challenged by a myriad of chronic health issues, stuck in an anxiety/depression cycle, and suffering from debilitating panic attacks, I often questioned if things would ever change until I discovered that my issues were coming from bad programming.  The beliefs I held about myself were obstructing my ability to heal, grow, and change.  Transforming my perception & attitude gave me the massive upgrade I needed to heal and change my life.

It is with great honor I now offer you the opportunity to do the same.

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"Create the kind of self that you'll be happy to live with all of your life"

Golda Meir

If you've decided enough is enough...

I'm ready to assist you.

Whatever you've been struggling with, you've probably tried a little of everything.

If you've read countless self-help books, worked with therapists or coaches, gone for massages, done the restrictive diets, and maybe even tried some less conventional options, and you still feel stuck... Know, I totally understand!  I did the same things.  The great news is hypnosis works where other things seem to fall short. Schedule a free no-obligation consultation to learn more about how I can help.

Common Questions

Hypnosis FAQ

Is hypnosis safe?

Absoultely. Hypnosis is a natural state of increased focus that your mind transitions in and out of quite often. As a matter of fact the average person enters into hypnotic states at least twice a day, if not more. Here are some common examples of this happening.

  • Arriving at your destination with no memory of driving there.
  • Zoning out while reading the pages of a book.
  • Daydreaming or experiencing a vivid memory.
  • Becoming so engrossed in your favorite Netflix drama that you barely realize you've been watching half the day.
  • Scrolling through social media pages for hours, unaware of the time spent.
  • Being so focused on a task that everything else fades away.
With a skill hypnotist/hypnotherapist, you're just going into hypnosis on purpose with an intended result. The increased focus of hypnosis makes it a prime learning state for rapid positive change in your life, changes that are almost impossible to make with willpower alone.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring, powerful state of focused attention used to uncover and dissolve the root cause of many issues people suffer from every day. Hypnosis is a tool used to help us neutralize subconscious triggers that reduce time spent in fight & flight (survival) mode, which gives your body more time in rest & recovery mode, promoting natural healing from within. As a professional hypnotist, I use hypnosis to help people discover the subconscious reasons for their symptoms, behaviors, or habits. Once found, we can use specific tools & techniques to help release them and install new updated patterns of positive thinking at the subconscious level. Hypnosis & hypnotherapy have been accepted by the American Medical Association (AMA) since 1958, endorsed by the American Psychological Association (APA) in 1960, and the National Institute of Health (NIH) concluded hypnosis to be effective in 1995.

Is hypnosis accepted by the medical community?

Yes, in fact, hypnosis & hypnotherapy have been accepted by the American Medical Association (AMA) since 1958, endorsed by the American Psychological Association (APA) in 1960, and the National Institute of Health (NIH) concluded hypnosis to be effective in 1995.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis works by achieving a level of focused awareness/attention while bypassing the analytical aspect of the mind. The analytical aspect of the mind is also know as the comparing mechanism. When new information is introduced to the mind, the comparing mechanism assess the new information against what has been already been labeled as true or false. This is a protective aspect of our mind. The protective aspect of the mind loves what is familar and rejects what is unfamiliar. This is why changing habits by willpower alone is so difficult – we often already believe we can not change, so thinking about making the change happen (using willpower alone) is ineffective. The mind simply rejects the unfamiliar. Hypnosis is powerful because with focused attention the analytical aspect of the mind is bypassed and new, healthy, beneficial suggestions can be made directly to the subconscious, without the comparing mechanism rejecting these new beliefs. When our desired changes are accepted by subconscious mind as familiar and true, we see results more quickly.

Is there evidence that hypnosis works?

Yes, in fact, there are plenty of examples in scientific literature & resources that conclude the effectiveness of hypnosis & hypnotherapy. Here are just a couple of studies to reference:

Is hypnosis mind control?

No one can be hypnotized unless they choose to be.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. When working with a professional hypnotist, you intentionally allow them to guide you into a relaxed state of focused attention & heightened suggestibility to make the positive changes that you desire.

Hypnosis is a cooperative therapy that requires your awareness & active participation. Your mind is a brilliant creation designed for self-preservation that will not accept suggestions that fundamentally go against your safety or wellbeing.

The entertainment industries have depicted hypnosis as something scary, mysterious, and humorous. But, I can assure you there will be no "body-snatching," and I promise not to make you bark like a dog.

How does hypnosis differ from sleep & meditation?

Hypnosis is neither sleep nor mediation. When you are sleeping, you are unconscious, unaware & unable to follow directions. The goal is to rest, repair, and recover. When meditating, you're in a deeply relaxed passive state, intending to change your relationship to your thoughts by creating a single point of focus like breathing or saying a mantra. With hypnosis, you are taking an active role in the process as it requires focused awareness/attention and a heightened state of suggestibility. We are creating a bridge between your "conscious" thinking mind and your "subconscious" mind, the storehouse of information/experiences with an intended goal of making the desired change. Hypnosis is a cooperative therapy. In order to effectively utilize hypnosis, you actively partcipate in the proccess by following your hypnotist's directions which makes it a very different experience from mediation & sleep.

Can I be hypnotized and what does it feel like?

Anyone of at least normal intelligence who is mentally healthy & can follow directions can be hypnotized. It is a normal state that most people go into several times a day (i.e., daydreaming, watching TV, scrolling through social media, or driving). Hypnosis feels quite natural. Most people say they feel more relaxed or focused than usual. Hypnosis is cooperative. You will interact with your hypnotist and remember everything that occurs, just like you would in any other conversation. *If you have suffered a severe brain injury, please consult with your medical team regarding your desire to receive hypnosis before beginning a program.

What's the difference between hypnosis & hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is generally used to assist with self-esteem, confidence, behavioral change, habits, weight loss, fears, phobias, etc. Typically these broader issues are related to your lifestyle and how you relate to yourself, your environment, and other people. Hypnotherapy is used to move individuals to a state of health & wholeness, which implies they have been diagnosed with a medical condition. Examples would be migraines, pain management, PTSD, IBS, etc. For medically diagnosed conditions, a professional hypnotist can work in collaboration with your primary treating medical provider. Both hypnosis & hypnotherapy utilize the same process. Neither one is better than the other. Different labels are used to denote working directly on medically diagnosed conditions. In some US states, the title of "Hypnotherapist" is reserved for individuals who are both trained as a hypnotist and licensed medical or mental health professionals.


What are your hypnosis / hypnotherapy qaulifications?

  • Certified Master Hypnotist
  • Certified 5-PATH Hypnotist
  • Certified 7-PATH Self Hypnosis Teacher
  • NGH Certified Hypnostist
  • IAHP Certified Hypnosis Professional
  • Certfied Achology Hypnosis Practitioner
It has been my honor to train with world-renowned hypnosis professionals, innovators & thought leaders. I received my formal education through the acclaimed Banyan Hypnosis Center, studying under Cal Banyan, an Internationally renowned and Board Certified Hypnosis Educator. Cal is a best-selling author of one of my favorite books, "The Secret Language of Feelings," and is the creator of the 5-PATH® & 7-PATH® hypnosis systems as well as the founder of the International Association of Hypnosis Professionals. It has also been my pleasure to have studied the work of Marisa Peer, a celebrity Hypnotherapist in the UK. I have received training and education in her process called Rapid Transformational Therapy®. And finally, I have received several certifications from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. I am dedicated to advancing my education for personal and professional growth. I thoroughly enjoy learning new things and ways to improve myself and my ability to assist others in their development from the betterment of our families and communities.

What are your coaching qualifications?

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach
  • Certified Mindfulness Practitioner & Coach
  • Certified NLP Master
  • Certified Mindfulness Instructor
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
In addition to my personal development certifications, I hold dozens of certifications from my 10+ years as a Licensed Massage Therapist & Holistic Practitioner.
  • NYS Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Professional
  • GA Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Expertise in Body Psychology & Psychoneruoimmuology
  • Neuroscience
  • Modern Applied Psychology
  • Therapeutic Vibrational Medicine
  • Aromatherapy
  • and a whole lot more.
I am a ravenous student of Modern Applied Psychology, Neuroscience, Psychoneuroimmunology, Body Psychology & all things holistic. My education is vital to me, not just professionally but also personally. I'm committed to my growth and evolution as a human; I believe that through positive modeling and leadership, we can help families and communities grow and heal. Being of service isn't just a passion. I live and breathe this work because I love seeing others flourish & grow.

May I ask you for medical advice? Are you a licensed medical professional?

It is not within my scope of practice to provide medical advice, and I would defer you to a licensed medical doctor for specific medical advice. It is important to note that while I am a psychology & health enthusiast, I am not a licensed medical doctor, psychologist, or nutritionist. Hypnosis & Coaching sessions fall under that category of Complementary Alternative Services that are designed to work in cooperation with your health care team. If you would like to see me for a medically diagnosed problem, I am happy to collaborate with your personal health care team. When asked, I may offer my recommendations, resources & references for you to evaluate, research, and discuss with your licensed medical provider. I do not take responsibility for your personal choices, your use of information provided, or your decisions. Nothing I supply or suggest should be misconstrued as medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment of a diagnosable medical condition without prior consent from your medical doctor.

What can I expect from my experience with Sarah?

It is important to me that I provide each of my clients with genuine connection & empathetic kindness. It is equally important that I operate with integrity offering every person clear, direct & tactful communication. What this means is that I promise to care about you, and I will be as clear & direct with you as I can, even if it means giving you a cathartic shove or telling you something that might be challenging to hear. I tend to have an upbeat & optimistic attitude with a bubbly personality. While this work can be profound and sometimes emotional, I like to find ways to keep it light and make you smile. During hypnosis, I speak as I normally would. It's unnecessary to drone on in one of those weird monotone voices that people think of when they think of hypnosis. All of my clients have told me that they appreciate my upbeat, loving, and honest approach. They don't feel judged, rejected, or criticized. Typically I receive feedback that it's refreshing to have real, meaningful conversations with a genuine person who cares and is willing to be direct so that you can move forward. I am here to inspire, uplift, and empower you to grow & improve yourself in whatever way will best serve you. I'm not here to steal your thunder or take credit for your personal growth & healing. I want YOU to feel like the hero of your story.

Services & Rates

How many hypnosis sessions will I need?

I use an advanced form of hypnosis called 5-PATH®, in which we take a 5-phase systematic approach. Providing my clients with a safe experience while delivering life-changing results, usually in 5 to 7 sessions. (This is pretty fast in comparison to traditional coaching or talk therapies.) During your online sessions, I will guide you into a focused hypnotic state that allows you to have positive insights that help resolve your issue as you move through the process. Most clients experience positive changes after the first session, and most feel their issue resolves within 5 to 7 sessions. Many of my clients report experiencing more positive thoughts & feelings than ever before. They feel greater self-control, self-confidence, and peace of mind in their everyday life after completing their hypnosis program. To learn more, please schedule a free consultation.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

I take a very realistic & pragmatically optimistic approach to coaching. I use a proven system with solid roots in science-based techniques that help you to take back your power and launch yourself in the direction of empowered growth. With this program, you'll gain unparalleled clarity & a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with yourself. Clients have the most success with a minimum of 6 weeks of 1:1 coaching support. I have designed an affordable package to ensure you receive the proper accountability and support while on your personal growth & development journey. To learn more, please schedule a free consultation.

Should I do hypnosis or coaching?

Hypnosis & Coaching take two different approaches to personal growth. That being said, they definately do complment each others in a lot of ways. If we think of it like a tomato plant. Hypnosis is what you would use to nurture the soil & create a healthy root system for your tomato plant. Coaching would be like the framework you give your tomato plant for support so it has the best possible chance for continued growth & a bountfiul harvest. Hypnosis is way better in dealing with root-causes at the subconcious level and coaching is used at the concious level to provide tools, support & accountability for a more fullfilling lifestyle. Your unique situation, desired outcome, as well as the time, energy & money you have to invest in your transformation will impact your decision on which path will work best for you. Typically I recommend that everyone start with hypnosis and see if you even need coaching, however many clients love the accountablity and support over a longer period of time, in which case coaching might be a better fit. To learn more schedule your free consultation today.

What is the difference between hypnosis & self-hypnosis?

These two systems foundationally do the same thing and work even better when used in conjunction with one another. 5-PATH® done with the guidance and expertise of a Certified 5-PATH® Hypnotist who will assist & support you through the process. (An average of 5-7 sessions) A Certified 7-PATH® Self-Hypnosis Instructor will teach you how to use this insight-based self-hypnosis system for personal use in the privacy of your own home. (Go at your own pace & work with divine timing)

How much do your packages cost?

In general, the average cost for hypnosis ranges between $100-$400 per session, while coaching can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per session. My standard rate is $250.00 per session. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our families & communities. To alleviate some of the hardship many face, I have packaged my programs at a generously discounted rate for a limited time. 5-PATH® Hypnosis Package - $750.00

  • Five 90-minute online hypnosis sessions to be used over five consecutive weeks.

  • Including optional self-hypnosis instruction.
6-Week Coaching Package - $900.00
  • Six 1:1 online coaching sessions (upgraded to 90 minutes) to be used over 6 consecutive weeks.
  • Including an option to receive hypno-coaching.
  • Including an option to receive a custom motivational recroding.
*Discounted rates are available for a limited time only and are subject to change.

Does insurance cover hypnosis or coaching?

No, generally, insurance does not cover hypnosis or coaching services. My services require an investment of time, energy, and money, but I can't think of a more significant declaration of self-love than demonstrating to yourself that you are worth such an investment. Sometimes your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) may be used for hypnosis and coaching sessions. It is recommended that you review your benefits package to see if these services meet your policy criteria. As long as Visa, MC, Discover, or Amex issued your HSA/FSA card, you may try to utilize it to pay for your package. However, I highly recommend you have a backup plan as I cannot guarantee acceptance of this form of payment.

Hours & Location

Do you ever see clients in person?

At this time, I'm am a 100% location-independent business, and I only offer sessions online via Zoom video conferencing. I fully understand that some individuals are not tech-savvy and may require additional assistance in setting themselves for our sessions. I will do my very best to work with you and support you in preparing you for our online sessions.

What is your location?  What communities do you serve?

Sarah Stabler Hypnosis & Coaching is a location-independent business. I offer online hypnosis, hypnotherapy & mindset/life coaching services across the United States. Being location-independent and offering online services means there are fewer restrictions on who I can serve. The families and communities that benefit from the work I do are not limited to only those within their local area, providing everyone with more significant opportunities for success. Communities I have had the pleasure of serving:

  • Buffalo, New York
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Camden, New Jersey
  • Brookfield, Connecticut
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Los Angeles, California
*On a side note, I am a massive fan of shopping locally & supporting your local businesses when possible. However, there are circumstances in which your local area may not offer the best opportunities, solutions, or professionals for your unique situation.

What are your business hours?

Standard Business Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00am to 7:00pm EST. *All sessions are by appointment only. Schedule a free consultation to help you better understand how I may assist you with your unique situation and if we are the best fit to work together. Click here to schedule a free consultation to learn more.

What are the benefits of online session vs. in person sessions?

There is this idea that you must see someone in person to receive the very best results; this simply isn't true. Hypnosis isn't fragile. There are many reasons people find online/virtual sessions to be more convenient, gratifying, and successful. Here are some of the benefits of having online sessions:

  • Easy Commute / No Travel.

    • You don't have to battle traffic, worry about the weather, gas in your tank, what you look like, the sniffles, or stress about meeting a new person for the first time.

  • Comfortable Environment.

    • Most people find that they have better results & achieve deeper levels of hypnosis because they are in a comfortable, safe & familiar environment. Yes, even if you have kids, dogs, or a spouse yapping in the background.

  • More Private.

    • When you're in a familiar environment, you simply have more control over your privacy.

  • More Accessible.

    • Being location-independent means I get to serve a broader range of people, families, and communities. My clients reap the benefits of having a well-rounded professional who can see things from different perspectives and points of view, which helps to facilitate more remarkable change.

  • Deeper Connection.

    • Believe it or not, most people have told me that they feel more comfortable (especially in the beginning) because they don't have to worry about awkwardly running into me in their local grocery store. Giving them a sense of ease, allowing them to feel more comfortable, less emotionally reactive, and less drained. Online sessions will enable you to feel safe being vulnerable and connect in a deeper and more meaningful way, which produces more rewarding results.

  • Screens are Hypnotic.

    • ​​​​​​​​Yep, screens in themselves are great for inducing a hypnotic state. Think about how easy it is to scroll through your phone for hours or to binge your favorite Netflix drama for half the day without even realizing it. Screens make hypnosis that much easier!

There is something beautiful that occurs when we have the safety of our computer as a buffer. Online sessions are great for introverts, ambiverts & extroverts alike!

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